Psychic Swansea


Hold me.

Hold me.



My beloved angels,



Hold me in the space of grace today

Hold me in my peace

Place my feet upon my path

Hold me in the space of heart


Open my hands to the feeling of bliss

Open my mind to the message

Fly through my eyes till they see only light

Fly through my heart till it knows only love

Fly through my tongue till it speaks only kindness

Fly through my toes till they find only God.


Show me your wings and the softness of feathers

Show me they way to live inside your bliss

I need no more strength because you're on my shoulder

Give me the grace of the eternal kiss


My beloved angels I honour your words

Lift me from wounds to the height of the birds

Let the songs of the heavens flow through my veins

Let me glide through today knowing you've paved the way

Let me sing to the choir

Let me read between the lines

Let me know of the space in between human words

Let me know all your comfort

Let me know all your joy

Let me know of the love that created this world.



With Peace.



April 22, 2017 @02:55 am
by — Caroline Burnell

I love your prayers, but this one I find especially comforting. Thank you for being a star, and thank you for being you. Happy Sunny Weekend.

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