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Where do you find grace?


So a week ago I spoke to you about the magical morning I had when walking around the local park. The dew on the grass, the sun shining through the leaves and the silence that radiated from the ground up. There was another moment a few days ago when the house was all locked up and I just stared out of the window for a moment or two and drank in the energy of the Universe. I make it a point to make room for these small moments. I have become a collector of sorts of them and they are what I go back to when I find myself in a confused of conflicted moment. They are reminders for me that there is an order to the world. A plan of sorts. Some like to think that there is an individualised curriculum for each soul that incarnates whilst others think that we are all on the same journey towards expressing love. I personally think that we are all somewhere in the middle. Sometimes we learn and grow to become better vessels for light and sometimes we get to just dive in and enjoy the love of the Universe for what it is. It's all ebb and flow. I totally understand though that it can feel like the complete opposite sometimes and you don't feel particularly wonderful when you are convinced that the Universe may have forgotten about you.



This is when I let myself dive into these moments. I write about them, I draw them, I doodle them, I journal them. They are the platforms for all the inspiration I get to enjoy. Each morning for the last few months I have not only been writing my morning poem but also a morning prayer for my next book. I hit a milestone last week and I'm now at 60 of them! The goal is 108 for this particular one but nearly all of them come from that place of awe at the divine. It feels like the Universe is praying to you in that moment, asking you to remember that you are love, loved and loving. Sometimes clients share these moments with me, wandering down the beach with both feet in the water, picking up a sketchbook for the first time ever, watching their first grandchild fall asleep in their arms. These moments are precious, keep them and remember them. As I've said many times before that my spiritual practice has always been pretty fluid. The actions I have taken have gone from traditional meditation, yoga, art, dance, drumming and these days I've settled on poetry but each of them have a singular intention, to put me in a space that is welcoming of love.



My spiritual practice is a place where I ready my mind for those gentle moments of grace. I can't instigate them but I certainly want to be aware enough so that I don't miss them when they pass me by. They can happen anywhere and at any time. Everyone on a spiritual path has experienced them, so if you're reading this then you'll know what I'm talking about. Maybe you've had them but haven't recognised them for what they were? It's those moments when you feel like you're not only looking out into the world but you feel like the world is looking back. For no reason at all you'll begin to feel like you're falling in love and your problems feel a little less overt in your experience. If you haven't had one of these for a while then ask for one. Pray to God, the Angels, your family in spirit, it doesn't matter who or what you ask it's the asking that is the point. Just ready yourself for divine light and watch as it envelopes you.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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