Psychic Swansea


When spirits breathe.


At the point of death there is an awakening. A remembering of everything you meant to forget in order to fully enjoy your time here on planet Earth. You picked this body, this life cycle, the family you were born into and the environment. It was all carefully selected so that you could use the energy of it as a launch pad for your particular brand of joy. You knew before stepping forward into birth that you would never be separated from the power that is the totality of who you are. You knew that you would have a brand new opportunity to find it all over again from the perspective of form. You looked at the weird and wonderful shape of your body and selected it. You knew you would only have a limited amount of time and none of it mattered. The second you are done with your body you will remember again and sink into the deliciousness of who you are. Of course you don't have to wait until your body dies to do that, you can feel all that life has to offer right now but either way the second you leave your body you will become one with everything that you are. It's hard for me to put into words what we are because I am very aware that I am still looking at it through human eyes, through a human understanding and I am, as all humans are, at the mercy of a human ego.



The process of death, from what I am told, is a fluid sequence. A gentle reintroduction into the greater whole. This process is often littered with the fragments of your ideas of death. If you believe in Jesus, you'll probably see Jesus. If you believe in the Buddha, you will have an experience more in alignment with that and so on. Always, amongst the chatter of “re entry” you will be accompanied by spirits, often family members, who have continued on the family role beyond the dynamic of form. Mothers tend to continue being mothers long after they have left their bodies. This is why sometimes in a reading your great grandmother can come through to see you even though you've never “met”. The truth is that you have and that you will again and that she doesn't need to have walked beside you in this incarnation in order to love you. She loves regardless. Once this process of death is over there is a deep and rich awakening into a mind that is resonant with all the lifetimes that you are experiencing. You forget the trappings of linear time and you become the equation of everything that you have and are living. There is no heaven and hell. There is no “spirit world”. If there was it's right here right now. Everyone you have ever loved still exists within the space of that love. It really never ends.



As I've said many times your intuition is a better psychic for you than I'll ever be. I am simply a medium. My brain has the capacity to translate information and download it through my body. We all get the information, it's just that people like me can put it into words. Like a musician who hears a piece of music and can then play that music back to you. Those who have left their bodies are not dead, they are actually more alive than we are able to understand. For centuries mystics have been saying that life is a dream and the more I learn about what I do and who I am the more I agree. It's a brief glimpse into what we are capable of creating. Wonderful. Fantastic. Awe inspiring. Yet, also limited, also small, also a starting point. Life is all about renewal which is why we all agreed to this cycle. We have chosen this and we will choose it again. It really is just a new set of clothes for the soul. The soul never stops loving, never stops connecting, never stops playing, experiencing, reaching out, finding the joy in everything. This is not to diminish or demean the grief experience but we can understand it as a stepping stone to a greater and more richer invitation. To live life. To experience life.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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