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What's the right thing to do?


Our way of living on this planet is in crisis, we all know this. The strength of hurricane Irma , the earth quake in Mexico, we all know on a deep level that this is just the beginning of things. For too long we have lived arrogantly and assumed that the earth was here to serve us. We have approached our lives with such a short sighted mindset that we have tipped the scale and the Earth is now reacting in a way that we are forced to take notice. Animal agriculture has decimated so much of the rain forests, plastics have polluted our oceans and our refusal to switch to renewable energy has polluted the air. It's easy during times like this to point the finger externally and blame governments or industries but it's on us to make these changes. Ordinary, every day people learning to live a different way. Social change has always begun by a small group of radicals getting louder and louder, being more and more persistent right up until the tipping point of social change. None of us used to recycle, now we all do. No one had even heard of a vegan 20 years ago and now so many people are joining a cruelty free diet. This is having a major impact on the ecology and I know that it can feel a bit like, “too little, too late.” but I genuinely feel like the Earth has a capacity to re balance itself. It's just down to us whether we are part of that re balancing.



I believe human beings are wonderfully inventive. There's a reason our population has exploded to 7 billion. We have the capacity to adapt to so many situations and adapt the world around us to ours. Unfortunately human beings also have the capacity to be narcissistic to the point of neglect. It is here that the spiritual community has always come into play. We have the ability to help others to recognise the boundaries of their morality, their capacity for dignity and the importance of acting within your integrity. Our actions in the world are centred around the question, “What is the right thing to do?”. So many live on the premise, “How does this help me?” that moral obligations go right out the window. Worse still, with our culture becoming increasingly victim orientated and with martyrs wearing their victim hood like a badge of honour being so vengefully celebrated it's so easy for those who feel everything, the empaths, the spirit minded to slip into hopelessness. Recently I have caught myself in the midst of many “What's the point?” conversations with myself when a time has come for me to speak. If anything we need to be more vocal. If anything the voice of reason needs to be louder now. You've probably noticed like I have that there seems to be a regression, a regurgitation of issues that are flooding our communication and I think this is because we are almost too scared to deal with what is really happening within our world.



I'm not here to be all doom and gloom. There is real hope for the human species and it is on us to not only find it but to carve it into our every day actions. It is on us to inspire those around us through the clarity of our example to seek the most moral action for the collective. It can be as simple as changing your bank, changing your energy supplier, where you shop, what you buy, choosing to eat less animals, recycling, sharing information, using your social media to create social action. We will change through the strength of community. We will change through the understanding that human life is precious and that what we do to another human being we inherantly do to ourselves. When only one human being wins we all lose. We will change when we learn to see not just human life as precious but when we see the majesty in all living things. Every tree, every cow, every dog, every frog, every blade of grass is the nucleus of our Universe and to live mindfully is to live with a respect for all of these things. Choosing love is not just an abstract concept. It's not just a fluffy emotion, it's the hard choices, it's bring the unconcious choices to the surface. It's the ability to examine how you behave on the planet and ask yourself, “What is the right thing to do?”. Now, let's pull up our sleeves, we have work to do!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





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