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What's in your house?


I'm just going to say it, Christmas is coming. I know, I know, I know it's November but let's be real. If you have kids or are just a big kid yourself then you will be prepared in some way. Personally this is the only year in a long time where I don't quite know what to plan or what to do because we are still waiting on a date to move house. I hope I'm in before the tree goes up. I remember saying to Stuart last year that I wasn't sure whether we would be here this Christmas and I think I might be cutting it fine. This weekend we are doing more packing and getting ready. I'm at the point now where I just want to go. I am eager to settle in to my new art space, my new readings space and to get to know the trees that are on my front doorstep ( brynmill park ). I have already planned things to decorate the house with like a penny wall ( google that it looks lovely ) and a pallet wall ( also awesome ). I want to hit a wall through to increase the size of the bathroom and do an attic conversion, also there's a garage that has a shower and kitchen built into it so I'm not sure whether to hit it down and make a big garden space or to make it into something... either way as you can tell I'm good to go and eager to put my print on the home.



Because I work from home the space has always been important to me. Actually I don't just think it's because of that. For as far as I can remember having a place to call mine has been a huge currency for me. It's a sanctuary, a place where I can wander the walls and talk to myself ( we all do it! ). Also I like to keep the energy as mild as I can in my home. I didn't have much of a chance to do a big snoop on the day I viewed the new place but I definitely felt a spirit when I was there. I think he might be to do with the current occupiers but I'll know for sure when I move in. I felt a strong angelic precence when I moved into this house and when I first felt it I just thought it was quaint or just something lovely that happened. I've learned since then that it's more of a protective energy for myself because of the energy pool of the area. Don't get me wrong I love mount pleasant, I wouldn't have spent 20 years here if I didn't but my capacity to withstand the energetic shifts that go on up here has lessened the older I've gotten. The new place has a different energy pattern and I can't wait to figure out what it is. The only reason we bought it is because when we went in both Stuart and I had the gut feeling so I'm going to continue to follow that.



If there is a “resident spirit” there then it won't really bother me. There was one in my flat on Montpelier. It was a gentleman who used to hang around in the hallway. Some of you might remember that I put a tree filled with fairy lights and origami birds there, it wasn't just to make it look pretty, it was also to distract you from the tingly feeling on the back of the neck that he loved to give a few of my clients. He wasn't a bad guy at all and he didn't mind me doing my readings in the kitchen, he was just a bit mischevious. He didn't like my ex though and used to frighten him a fair bit, actually to the point where I had to have a word to ask him to stop! There wasn't a bad vibe in this house though, it just felt like the right balance. I'll share all the details with you when I get there. It's important to know the energy of the place that you rest your head in. It's important to spiritually cleanse the place and important to know where energy pools. I know my house has a lot of spiritual traffic but to be honest, so does most peoples, mine is just a little bit more vocal. Have you looked at the energy content of your home? A good tip to figuring out what's going on there is to imagine yourself walking through each room of your house. The mind absorbs information even if the eyes don't at the time. Let me know how it all goes!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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