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What to do when you feel stuck.


Being self employed I have a lot of benefits and autonomy within my working day. There are so many positives to the lifestyle I've incrementally created over the last 20 years ( yes 20 YEARS!!! ). Of course there are some not so great bits, each job has it's down side like no sick pay and no guarantee of actual work but all in all I have a great working life. I love what I do and it's an interesting a great job to have. I know this is not the case for many others. Some people are trapped in jobs that they dont love, some love their jobs but the job still comes with a huge demand on their time and of course I understand the frustration of finding work too. Your relationship to your job is not unlike any other relationship in your life. It needs maintaining, regulating and of course enforced, respectful boundaries. I have done jobs that I've hated and I've just not lasted there that long. It would be easy for me to say “just quit!”, and in the past that's what I did. If I didn't like where I was I would move onto the next thing but back then I had the momentum of youth and no one being financially dependent on me. It's a little easier and less frightening to job-hop when you're younger. Me and Stu were talking about opportunities yesterday and we both had the same thought that you don't realize how youth focused our culture is until you're not considered “young” any more.



I have definitely felt the impact of this. To me it felt like waking up one day and finding all the opportunities that were laid out in front of you were just gone and my knee jerk reaction to that was to strive to fight for them. It took me a while to understand that I didn't even want the opportunities that were being offered. I think my knee jerk reaction was to the idea that I had a loss of freedom. It's a whole amalgam of cultural ageism and gender narrative. It feels like the world puts you on a pedestal in your youth and then quickly, without reason, knocks you off. It can be written off as a necessary step toward adulthood and ownership but I still wrestle with the idea of freedom and opportunities. In a culture that seems obsessed with only talking about youth and what's new where do we leave room for people who are making new starts? I have spoken to so many people who are trapped in a prison of their own making. So many who haven't given themselves the permission slip to actually make the changes that need to be made. A big part of my work and the work that is done through me is helping people rediscover their power and your power always lies in your capacity to choose.



I'm not one for huge radical immediate change. I like it all to happen slowly, thoroughly and for those of you who are stuck in any job situation I don't recommend that you suddenly drop everything and run! I do recommend that you make a start, firstly within your own mind to really rediscover who you are now and where you want to be. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and the opportunities I want I work towards slowly and carefully. I've learned to leave room to try new things and to also make time to do the things that I already know I love. I want you to know that you are never really “stuck”, even though it might feel like it. You have the power to call on the whole Universe to come meet you where you live and it has the power to transform everything. Make your wish and then make your wish happen. You are your own aladdins lamp. You are your own fairy godmother. I am not talking about idle wishing here, I am talking about definition. Define what it is you want and where you want to be and then yes, throw it out to the Universe and ask for it but also ask for it by making a plan and working towards it. The most important job you have is to create an open relationship between you and your soul. You already have everything you need to start there.



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