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What can I get for you?


Energy attracts everything that is on it's level. We have all heard of this in some form or another. It's not just about thinking positively, it's about getting into the energetic space of the things you want as if they are already here with you. If you want love, be loving, if you want money, be abundant, it's that principle which I know can be easily over simplified but the nucleus of it is to encourage you to define what it is that you actually want and why. I encourage you to go into great detail when you are in a co creative mode. I literally drew out floor plans when I was manifesting this house and I am reminding myself to do the same now that I am looking again. I feel like right now the Universe is calling me to ask more. There are those times when we are guided to sit back and coast and then there are times when the Universe would like some instruction. The way it get's instructed we spoke about yesterday but fot today let's delve a little deeper into what it is that we want to create. We all want more money right? But when it comes down to it, how much? What would you like your bank to say? What would you like to earn a month? Doing what? Where? How many hours? Really get into the nitty gritty of what it is you would like the Universe to deliver to you.



It's at this point where a few people will be forced to admit something powerful, that they don't exactly know what they want. Hear me when I say this, THAT'S OK! It's fine to not know. We live in a Universe that has so much choice that it can be overwhelming and sometimes we can feel pulled in too many directions. At that point my advice is to manifest certainty. Manifest clarity. Make your goal/idea/dream to know what it is that you would like. You don't have to find your life's purpose or anything too grandiouse, all you have to figure out is what it is that is calling your heart today and then be brave enough to follow it. You don't have to get your life's plan together all in one go, to be honest, every time I've gotten a plan together something better has shown up and I've scrapped it. I still do plan though, I find ithelps me to access the energetic feeling space of where I want to be. The more I behave as if what I want is already here the quicker it, or something very much like it ( like I said you attract what is on that level ) will come. Sometimes what I ask for and what I get on the surface seem like two different things but they have the same result. They answer the why inside my want.



Once you have your millions of pieces of paper, your vision boards, your charts and you are actively starting to work towards what it is that you want to create that's when you have to start to do something that feels counter intuitive. That's when it's time to let go. To place it in the hands of the Universe. Keep working, keep moving, stay fluid and understand that in the moment you hand it over is when things move. The process of handing over can be as simple as a self invented ritual or a symbolic gesture. The Universe doesn't care about those mechanics, it hears what's in your heart. I go for a walk in the trees and offer my life/problem/dreams over the Universe verbally. I pray it out. It's at the point the magic really begins. Your dream may be torn to pieces because it wasn't meant to actualise, it may be deconstructed and reborn as something better or it may simply be delivered to your doorstep. That's the risk you take with every dream. It may crash and burn. It may not be for you. It may not be for you right now. When you surrender to the greater will through one thing is for sure, there is no lack. Even if what you ask for is taken away something better will be put in it's place. The trick is learning to see it. Take your time. Get your journals out. The Universe is asking you it's favourite question, “What can I get you?”.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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