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What are you really asking for?


Freedom is the only currency that we are all seeking. We ask for money but what we really want is the autonomy within our lives to choose. To travel to where we want to go, to buy a house based on preference rather than budget and of course to have a job that allows all of this. Take some time to really think about the lifestyle that you would want to live. If you were suddenly given a billion pounds or if you had the chance to hit a reset button in your life what choices would you make differently? Delve into the free thinking inner child and see what he or she would do with that freedom. I've been working on that a lot lately. What would I do with unlimited resources? I think I'd probably buy a house for me and Stu, I'd give him the option to go part time or quit altogether ( I doubt he would though ), I would travel to Japan, Canada, Paris and anywhere else that took my fancy. To be honest the core of what I do wouldn't really change. I'd still do my readings and I would still make art. What increasing my income would do for me is to give me more time with the people I love and more adventure. So when manifesting more wealth in my life it's important for me to know what wealth actually means. For me it's freedom and adventure.



What does wealth mean to you? If you truly ahd unlimited resources what charities would you support? I personally think I would try my best to help as many animals as I could. I'd pour money into an ethical treatment of animals law and lately I've ben thinking about having pet licenses. Maybe having a system in place where you have to prove your ability to look after an animal? I'm not entirely sure what would work but I would try as much as I could. How about you? Some people would support childrens charities or environmental causes, each of us has a different calling where that is concerned but then I suppose with unlimited resources you could help them all. That's the real benefit of defining what wealth means to you, it puts you in a place where you are forced to acknowledge what is important to you. It's an imaginary scenario I come back to time and time again. It just helps free my thinking each time so that I would really consider whether my goals are authentic or not. Is that path I am on an expression of my limited thinking or challenging the fabric of who I am?



The Universe responds to your energy not just the words you speak. Think about what words mean before you cast them into the Universe. What is their context, their agenda, their content? Sometimes what you are asking for and what you are getting become two different things because on an energetic level you are asking for something else. This is a fun exercise to help you look at your motives and really help you to clean up your energy agreements. Try it if you get some time today and see why it is you want what you want. I'm going to work it into my practice for a month or so whilst I carve out a new dream for myself. I can feel that this new house that me and Stu are currently manifesting is going to be a brand new platform for other things for me to create. It feels like a new door is opening and for that I need my mind to be as open and as receptive as possible and this is one of the many things I use to help me. Don't be too pragmatic, don't think about what is possible, at least not yet, just for a moment try to dream.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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