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The sacred mother.



Every day my routine is the same. After my self care routine which ranges from morning yoga to seeing how much coffee I can get into my body I do the dutyful son bit and make sure I call my mum. If you follow my facebook feed then you'll know I always answer the phone “Hello, fat ass anonymous!”, to which my mum replies with an expletive. I also do this every time the house phone goes because my mum is the only one that calls me on the house phone. It's a joke between us although it was less funny that one time a police woman called to talk about local crime... anyway, the point is, I have a friendship with my mum as well as a mother son bond. She was incredible when I was growing up of creating an environment where I felt like I could be myself. Even on those few moments where I pushed the envelope like coming home with bleached hair, pierced, leaving the house house all dressed in black wearing a dog collar ( anyone remember my goth days? ). Then of course coming out of the closet, being a psychic and choosing to live a creative life I can honestly say that even though my mum didn't understand my choices ( neither did I half the time ) she always made me feel safe in the making of them. I am who I am because of the care of my mother.



The power of mothers is not lost on anyone. Long after we have become adults your mums voice stays with you. She is the guide to your morality and I believe that mothers have a lasting impact on a childs relationship to their own sense of dignity. You may grow beyond who your mother makes you but that part of your inner child will always be more defined than most. When it comes to mothering and motherhood ( which I don't define as exclusive to women ) it is so impactful that I am always surprised as to why we don't invest in deconstructing it. How your mother talks to you in always the first voice that you use to talk to yourself. Learning about that very intimate and delicate entanglement is working within you right now I think is essential to helping you create a richer life for yourself. Imagine you loved yourself as much as your mother does? Imagine making a study of you as much as your mother did/does? The strength of mothers and mothering is something that I personally believe can change the course of humanity but first lets make room within ourselves for that transformation and level of love to become dominant.



I don't want this blog to be just about how much I love my mum, even though it kind of is. I want you to really take some time and think about how that level of love, when given to the self can deeply impact your life and it's trajectory. It's a lot more difficult that we first expect. Firstly seperate the personality and history of yoru mum with the love that she brought to the table. How would that level of love impact your life today? How would you change? What would you protect yourself from? What would you give to yourself? When that love is turned inward firstly it can't help but radiate outwards. When you love yourself with the delicate and intent nature of a mother you root yourself so squarely in the space of love that you end up helping everyone around you. Take some time to think on this. Pamper you. Fall in love with you. Then, as you rise you will, in the space of love, take everyone willing to rise with you.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





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