Psychic Swansea


The power we often overlook.


The galloping breeze washed over my body as the heat lay thick in the air. The dull ache in my arms and chest from sweating, being uncomfortable and not sleeping seemed to have it's own rhythm and each beat of that drum tired me even more. It's safe to say I am not equipped for the heat. Still there is work to do, spirits to connect with, stories to write, paintings to paint so I pull my body upright and decide to go for a coffee. Fatigue lead me to a mopey, feeling sorry for myself kind of place that is so stupid it's hilarious. The jolt as I drink the coffee is the only welcome warm I feel and as I walk back home something in the sky catches my eye. A white feather flew directly into my palm. I can't help but have a small giggle to myself and I snap out my little funk immediately. The sky seems a little brighter, the clouds a little more playful and the excitable momentum is back in my belly. My shoulders broaden, my neck relaxes and practically waltz back home to get my day officially under way. When you practice a good feeling space daily, it seems like the Universe will fall over itself to keep you there.



I remember when I first really understood that I could choose how I felt about anything. That no matter what was happening around me I had the power, through pure choice to find the best part of that experience and stay there. If what was happening was too much then I also had the power to use my imagination to take me somewhere else completely. My mind has always been a creative playground but, using it in this way was a light bulb moment. The more I used my mind to help me stay in a good feeling space the more good feeling things kept turning up in my life. That's not to say that I don't have challenges, or that some days I still don't wake up feeling like crap for no reason but, during those days I follow my mind to the best feeling place I can get to and I do my best to stay there. This keeps me relatively clear and focussed plus, with a few lists in there I stay productive too! Now that this retrograde has hit and hit many of us hard it's a great time to remember the power you have to make the best of what's happening. As this deep cleanse hits our minds remember that it is still your mind.



I've noticed old hurts, old regrets, flashes of old habits have been leaking into my experience so now more than ever I stick to my routine. I have put reminders into my daily schedule to make sure that I stay as “woke” as I can be to the power inside all of us. I also like to make use of retrogrades as a way to upgrade my self care. With all that “inner” cleaning happening why not give it a helping hand?! Remember that the chaos of a retrograde only really engages in a destructive way when you fight against it. It's a natural reaction to reach for what's being taken from you but, some things are worth losing. Just breathe and let go. Breathe and let go. What you focus on you bring the energetic equivalent of it into your experience. So if during this time some uncomfortable things turn up, and it's likely that they will, acknowledge them for the teachers that they are but understand that they are passing through. Say hi, but keep on going and remember, you have the power to change the energy within your own body, always.



Have a great week,


Big love,


Ryan James x


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