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The language of co creation.


When you close your eyes at night what do you think of? Who do you think of? In that sacred space between sleep and awake what do you dare to dream about? Retrograde brings with it sometimes unhealthy amounts of self analysis but then sometimes it can bring you exactly what you need. For me this has been a time of gentle awakenings and repointing me in a direction that I need to go in. Like so many I can become easily thrown off course and into a cycle of reacting to the world instead of actively participating in it. Because my work can be so overwhelming I have a whole system in place that deals with that overwhelm and sometimes that system can feel like it's swallowing up my life. It may be different for you, taking care of your children, keeping money coming into the house or just dealing with family can give rise to a habit of either numbing yourself to the trauma of that or finding ways to off set it. Both are valid in the short term but do either of them for longer than a few months and you'll soon find yourself in a little bit of trouble.



We know by now that the Universe rises to meet you wherever you are so what does that mean for us? What does that mean when we are asking for something and it isn't being given? It means that we aren't really asking, we are thinking. We are demanding that the Universe learn the language we have invented within ourselves instead of us learning how to communicate with the Universe at large. We are part of a beautiful energetic system that responds to movement and energy. All energy is fluid, like a drop of water in the ocean when it moves it effects everything around it. When it stays still it also has that effect on it's surroundings. So if you are co creating something with the Universe ask by defining what it is you want within yourself and then move towards it. It's the movement that is the languaging process. When I act towards something I am telling the Universe that this is what I want. At this point my intuition is engaged and if it's not for me I will be shown, that is true for everyone. If it is a path you are meant to follow then doors will open and passions within you will ignite in a way that is undeniable.



This is why it is so important to keep an eye on your relationship to yourself. That is what will dictate whether you have the courage to move in the direction of where you want to go. The older you get the more important it is to cultivate that courage. When you are young there is this idea that there is a lot more time ahead of you so there's room and cultural acceptance that you are going to make mistakes. We seem to lose that compassion for each other the older we get. It takes real courage to dare to dream when you grow. I am so blessed that I have met so many wonderful clients over the years who have been beautiful examples of that courage and I am finding myself drawing upon that more and more the older I get. It can be so easy to take yourself down the route of numbing yourself down under the guise of “playing it safe” or “growing up”. This is also not an excuse to act irresponsibly. You have to look after your basic needs but I also think that includes what is in your heart. If you are reading this blog take it as a note from the Universe that there is a dream within you that needs your attention. You most likely know what it is the question becomes are you going to be courages enough to invest time and action into it?



Thank you for reading,



Big love,



Ryan James x




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