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Making visualization work!


Visualisation is a helpful tool in co creating your life. It can help you to line up with your own energy and explore how you are feeling about the things in your life you are currently creating. You can call it visualising, imagining or day dreaming, either way what you choose to regurgitate within your own mind will call it's equivalent to you. I used to think that visualising in and of itself was enough to create. I thought that if I thought about something enough it would imprint on my experience but, I've learned that's not the whole story. In everything we create there is an inbuilt guidance that helps us to navigate the space between what we are creating and where we are. I call that space intuition. Visualising without access to your guidance can quickly lead to a toxic environment. We've all seen people hanging onto a dream, a relationship, a job long after it's died it's own death. I've been in most of those places myself and sometimes, in spaces like that, no amount of visualizing is going to help you. I've found it's more beneficial to think about visualizing as a way to create good energy. It doesn't really matter what you are focused on within that state so long as it's lifting your heart and making you smile. This is the energy that leads to the equation of what comes back to you. That's why if you do nothing but regurgitate your old relationships in your head you are more likely to meet someone exactly like them.



Now I personally love to day dream. When I get back to my cardio this week the day dreaming whilst running is my favourite part of the process. I like to think about creative projects, ideas for paintings, characters for my books, pretty much everything that makes me feel better. Now that my foot is so close to being healed and I can start cardio again I am really looking forward to it. I prefer visualization and daydreaming as a form of active meditation. If I scrap book, make mood boards, exercize, these things tend to help me access the feeling place of where I want to be more easily because I am already in an active space within my own body. Give it a go. Wherever you exercize or create in your life put a mood board there, put your list of things you are creating there as a way to remind yourself to dwell in a better feeling place. It's so easy to slip into a habit of thinking about past hurts and pain and I am fully aware that sometimes it's essential to do so. I am not demonising thinking about your past. I am just saying to use your inner guidance to know whether you are back there to resolve and fix something or whether you are just there out of habit.



Guidance is essential when you are creating a better life for yourself and on some level we are all doing that all of the time. We are all working towards something that feels better for us. The more you root yourself in your own sense of guidance the easier you will be able to recognise what energy within you is creating what is around you. I see so many people create and recreate the same relationships, the same jobs over and over again causing themselves huge distress mainly because they haven't allowed their energy to move beyond thinking about or reacting to an initial experience. I thought about my first heart break so much when I was younger than I met him in several incarnations throughout my twenties. Once I moved my thought processes on I allowed the full expansion of who I had become as a result of learning those lessons and then I started to meet up with people who were more on my level which eventually lead to me meeting my Stu! I changed a thought habit, which expanded a better feeling place, which lifted my energy and I called in everything that was on that level. It sounds so simple when you put it like that and it can be but that doesn't take away from the day to day process of getting there. Give a try for 30 days. When you catch yourself dwelling, move your thoughts so something that lifts you and watch what changes!



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Ryan James x


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