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Making a new start.


The biggest trick to making active life changes is to make them habitual. To make the small steps towards progress so steadily that you can almost over look them. If your goal is to write a book then my advice is to write every day. Even if you only end up writing a sentence a day that's still a sentence more than you would have the day before. If you want to make art then even getting a small bit done daily mounts up by the end of the week. The same goes for music, study and building a business. All you need before you begin is a plan and even that plan can be something you work on a bit at a time. Start by thinking about where you want to be. How much wealth do you want to create? How much work do you want to do? What type of work do you want to do? Apply this philosophy to other parts of your life. Romance is a collection of a million small acts. Flowers and chocolates are nice but so is taking the time to sit with your loved one before both of you start your day. A quick text to let someone know that you love them, a note, a poem, it doesn't take much work to build a life centred on love and creativity but it will always take effort, especially initially.



You have to start wherever you are and I get it that sometimes when you are building a new life that you aren't starting with much. It gets harder to course correct the older you get, it feels like the resources are more limited, the expectation is more severe and there is less of a conversation around you about this shift. It feels cliché to say it but the biggest hurdle to creating change is yourself. The guilt that you “should have this sorted out by now?”, the internalised ageism, the dependants in your life, the financial obligations, all of it can feel like a towering “No!” over any change you want to create. But still that moment comes at 2 in the morning, when you can't sleep again and that sinkhole of dread fills your gut at what you know is coming at you a day ahead. I get it, I've been there and I still get there now and again. The only remedy I have found that works is to make a choice that you are going to change it. Even if you don't know how yet, just make a choice, then, get a plan. Once you have a plan, make a start. No matter how small a start, a small move in the direction you want to go in is still movement.



It will help you more to change from a passive interaction with your life to a more adult sense of ownership. It is after all YOUR life. Your time is limited and also precious. Be sure to seek the light that you deserve and if no one has ever told you then then allow me, YOU DESERVE A GOOD LIFE, however you define that! If you are feeling lost, alone and disconnected from everyone around you, if you are coming to the horrible yet necessary realisation that you really are the only person that can change your life then make a start. Any start will do but make it. Don't just create change for change sake. Get some pen and paper and start jotting down thoughts and ideas. Start a journal. Start a group. Call a University and get a prospectus. Book a date night. Look at a holiday brochure. Anything that looks like a step towards discovery, take it! Good Luck!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x

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