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The never ending treadmill of things to do is just a part of life these days. Nothing stops. As soon as one thing is over another begins. We live in a world where our attention is pulled in five different directions at once. You might even be catching yourself reading this whilst also doing something else. We've turned multi tasking into a way of life and as you can imagine, the human brain is just not designed to function in that capacity for too long. As a culture we are suffering more burn out, more depression and more apathy. What worries me is the tools we used to cultivate in ourselves to slow down just don't seem to be there in the younger generation or, if I'm honest, in our lives either. We don't seem to have the skill any more to make things simple. To reduce what we have to it's bare bones. So, that's what I want to try and conjure up both within myself this week and hopefully within you too. Mercury retrograde is all about a cleansing period so it's seems the perfect time to distill what it happening in my life down to it's nucleus. With that in mind, ask yourself the question, “What is the one thing that I could do that would have the best impact?”.



Sit with that question for a bit. Write lists if you're so inclined. Resisit the urge to put twenty things out there, literally just out one down. I am working on that question right now for my spiritual work and my creative work to help remind myself what is important. Like everyone else I get easily distracted and with lists longer than my life I always seem to find myself focused on the fiddly, crappy little bits rather than the things that will really help me serve myself and in turn serve the people in my life. What is the one thing I can focus on that will impact my life? Learning to slow things down, be more present, write the book that is in my heart to write, paint my journey, publish my books, there's so many ideas in my head it's just playing in that area energetically long enough to allow what's really important to myself to call me towards it. This is not the kind of exercise that can be done in a night, let this idea take you with it. What is the one thing that will impact your relationship? What is the one thing that will impact your career? Your home? Your well being? What is the one thing that will improve your life overall? Once you've answered that question for yourself then the next question is obvious, “What is the one step you can take today to move towards it?”.



I've said many times in many blogs that it's so easy to get lost in a big picture. My entire personal narritive is always rooted in big picture thinking ( right brained! ) so I know what a bugger it can be. Just doing what is infront of you is the best known cure for procrastination and confusion. Just moving your bum can be enough to help you engage with the Universe in a way that she can hear you and pull you in the direction that you need to go in. Don't worry about making a mistake, if you start to veer too far off course the Universe will send you signs. That sinking feeling in your gut is one of them. If you move in the direction that the Universe wants you to go in you'll be surprised at how many synchronicities and collaborations ( sometimes called coincidences ) show up. Spend some time making a decision by all means but once it's been made act upon it. If it's wrong you'll know soon enough. I am in this process myself so feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas below. What do you think is the one thing you need to improve/impact your life current trajectory?



Have a great week ahead!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x

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