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Is politics spiritual?


I totally get it, you look at the current political climate and want to tear your own face off. With the knowledge that we are all born of light, built out of love and we collectively constructed an identity purely for the purpose of expressing that love it's bizarre to see the horrible things that human beings can do to each other and think about each other. Where's the compassion? Where's the love? Where's the army of light that can transform this planet into something cohesive? I'll give you a clue. It's right here, right now and you're already enlisted. I'm not easily horrified but even I have needed a few moments this last year to take in what's been happening and it doesn't take a psychic to see that the trajectory we are on is not amazing. So what can be done? What can we actually do? My advice is to continue working towards the best but also to be mindful enough to prepare for the worst. Firstly, we need to get a handle on our political structure. Politics and spirituality are one in the same. One is the power structure of our country and the other is the power structure of the soul. The more in alignment they are the better for everyone involved.



Voting is not enough and protesting doesn't work, at least not in the way that we are doing it. I've never quite understood how gathering with witty or scathing placards and walking around in a circle really does anything. Rioting only ever really hurts small business owners so where does that leave us? I do believe in protest and I believe in the power of a vote but I think in order for them to work we need to expand our definition of them. Every time you spend money you are voting. Every time you go to work for a company you are voting for their principles. Every time you put money into a bank you are voting for their ethical standards. Voting is not a one time thing we do, we do it daily. Protest is a moral statememt intended to differenciate you from the current power structure. It is an affirmation both to yourself and your tribe about your current moral agreements. Dialogue is crucial for protest to be effective. Screaming, ranting and just being plain angry in the streets doesn't work. We can be forceful, articulate and decisive but anger only perpetuates more anger. On the upside love also inspires more love.



It's easy to point at political figures like Teresa May and Donald Trump and tear them apart. It's easy to count all of the decisions they have made, the disregard they carry for certain sections of society and use them as vessels for our own frustrations. I get that I do. But you can't hold them to account truly without first holding to account the system that we have built that allow such abuses of power. I personally think that as a collective we have evolved past an “alpha male/female” paradigm. I think that our political system already works for a lot of people but it wouldn't take too much for it to begin to work for everybody. It can only do that if we stay informed. It can only do that if the spiritual community gathers and starts to seek out positions within the political community. It can happen if we start to talk about the kind of political system that we want. I know that I want one based in compassion. One that takes into account equality and equity for each individual. One that encourages contribution based behaviour and ethical evolution. I truly believe we are capable of this and it all begins with conversation and keeping tha conversation going. Treat your politics like you treat your alter.



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