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Im back with good news!

And howdy doo! Hope you've been keeping yourself out of trouble these last two weeks and boy am I glad to be back at the helm. I forgot how much I enjoy my routine and my lifestyle and to top it off I return with good news, we found a house! It's not too far from where I am but it's bigger, it's off the hill and it seems like a quiet location. The place needs rebranding in my style but all of that is the fun stuff when it comes to moving. We viewed the house at 12.30 and by 4.30 our offer had been accepted and paper work had already been signed. All we are waiting for now is solicitors and moving dates so wont be too long before we are sat somewhere new. We also planned to either go to Greece for a week or find a cabin somewhere but it just doesn't feel like a smart move to fork out the cash so close to moving and so close to ( dare I say it ? ) Christmas! So for the last two weeks I have eaten too much, slept too much and did my best to morph into a vegetable...and it was amazing! But now I'm back at the laptop, writing again and playing with the projects I'm interested in.



This morning I rededicated myself to my yoga practice and realised just how long it's been since I've done any. My foot is healing a lot quicker now that the house energy is resolved ( I think my body literally would not let me keep my feet on the floor in this home ) so stretching my body out again is exactly what I needed and a quick 15 minute meditation straight after has set my mind right. After writing this blog I have some more intuitive exercizes, poetry and meditations to do before I spend a nice long day connecting with spirit. My head is FULL of energy and two weeks is about as long as I can go without doing a reading properly. I start picking up on things all over the place and my dreams get interupted so I'm glad to be working out all my spiritual muscles again. The break has also helped me to see that I was starting to slip right back into putting pressure on myself to be continually productive and I started to take life a little too seriously again. Making sure I did nothing, having a complete break was lovely. I mainly watched netflix and played in my sketchbook ate out loads and had many afternoon naps. Sometimes you don't quite realise you are slipping into an old habit of a negative routine until you find time to stop.



I am about to slam right into the busiest time of year for me. My books are full and I am also aware that I will get many drop outs and rearrangements last minute because everyone will go a little crazy in the holiday season, so, I'm making my yoga practice and morning meditations more mandatory creating a little room at the beginning of each day to catch myself before I slip into a pressure based mindset. I swear sometimes I need a daily reminder for me to take it easy and that's what I'm giving myself. The last quarter of the year is al about reviewing what we've been up to. This is the time of year when compassion needs to be more effective because it's easy to slip into the idea of failure. Stop looking at what you didn't get to do and look at what you did. Stop looking at what you didn't achieve and look at what steps you did take, and hey, if you didn't take any steps towards your goal this year then you still have two months left! You don't have to do it all, just do a little. I much prefer the “little and often” philosophy. In a culture where radical change is fetishised be the opposite. Bit by bit, step by step. Be vigilant in this over the next few months and relax into the last chapter of the year.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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