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How thin the veil is.


The veil is so thin between this life and the one after. We manifest a body for a short time and we play on this planet for a bit and then when we are done we shift our awareness back to where we came from. Sometimes we incarnate over and over again, such is the thrill of living. Sometimes we incarnate laterally and inhabit many bodies at many different time periods over the course of what we call history. What is clear is that we...don't...end. Saying this is not to delegitimize grief. Of course we feel deep sadness when someone leaves the planet but what people seem to wrestle with most is resolving a truth that most of us have forgotten. That the person we have said good bye to is still in deep relationship with us. Just because they no longer inhabit bodies it doesn't mean that they love you any less, care about you any less or as someone of you have discovered in my readings been willing to give you a kick up the bum any less. When someone leaves the planet we wrestle with this weird truth all the time. We crave the physical interaction but we know deep down that we still have access to all the emotional interaction we need. It can get clouded during the darker moments but the quieter you get in your heart and spirit the louder you can hear all the kindness that surrounds you.



When you talk to people in spirit, they listen. They really do hear everything and quite often talk back. You may not hear the shape of their words but you can definitely feel the content of their love. You don't need to be a psychic to do that. If you have a pressing issue and need clarity, you can ask for them to send you a dream, a sign or to put you in alignment with the right psychic for you. Either way they are right here in this moment with you. Take your time and really digest the gravity of that understanding. That means that you never face any problem alone, it means that you never face any conflict without vast help and it also means you have access to the wealth of experience of all those who surround you. You may look like one person but you have always stood as an army of light. Sink into that truth and find ways to remind yourself of it every day. I make a point of chatting to my grandparents, a few friends who passed and a few friends I've made in spirit over the years before every reading. I know I get to hear them back but that's not really the point. Conversation isn't always verbal and in the same way as we sometimes have to learn the language, mood and intention of our pets we can learn to read the Universe and how the people we love use it as a way to get messages to us.



You are not crazy for talking to a photograph of someone you love. You are not crazy for knowing in your heart that they talk back. They are with you all day, every day. Sometimes they have jobs to do and need to take a little break, sometimes they need to heal their own spirits. You don't lose free will just because you've out lived your body. So take some time to connect or reconnect with the people who have left the planet. Light a candle, pray, remember the love that you shared and use that love as a platform to continue bringing their light to wherever you are. Over the years people have labelled what I do as an access to the “spirit world” but to be honest we're all in the “spirit world” it's just that some of us have bodies right now and others don't. It's SO close to us, like neighbours except the boundaries are not the walls of your house but the amount of love you able to withstand. Dare to love more today and welcome them in.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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