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I plan my blogs out on a Sunday night. I sit with tarot cards and connect with the Universe to try and allow through myself what would be the most impactful things to write that would help my clients in the moment they need it realign with the love in their own hearts. Too often I forget that I am included in that mix as well. It happens a lot when something will be on my mind, or there's a problem happening in my life and at the very moment I need to deal with it I also need to write a blog on it. Writing is a form of meditation for me. It forces me to solidify what I think about a subject. It's then that I can use that as a platform to either allow my opinion to grow or sometimes to let it go completely. I am not one of those people that think it's O.K to believe the same things for most of your life. I think if what you think hasn't shifted then you haven't really let go to life often enough. Lately I seem to be writing about two main subjects, how much room you make to show love to who you are and also how much room you make to listen to your intuition. These are themes that I am working on within myself and I have needed, over this last year especially to root myself in a system of self care.



As the year has gone on I have become renewed in my fascination with the dynamic between my intuition and my willingness to hear it. I've actually reinstigated intuitive exercizes into my morning routine just so that I am doing all I can to listen should it have anything to bring to me. I have reconnected with a silence based meditation practice and have reintroduced myself to yoga also. All of these things seem to have a wonderful “emptying out” process for my mind and I am able to hear what I am REALLY thinking underneath the general clutter of every day mental noise. As you all know my intuition recently told me to move house, the feeling was strong and in my gut and I am wise enough to know that that is enough of a reason to act on it. Within three weeks my house was sold and in less than two weeks Stu and I move into our new place. That intuitive hit was the strongest I had elt for a while and it sparked something in me. I'm not sure whether it hit so hard because I wasn't listening regularly or because the message had an urgency to it but what I do know is that I felt electrified by that connection and I want more. That clarity, that unashamed “knowing” is something I am bringing into my own energy more and more.



I've said before that I can see clients lives, choices, energies and sometimes projections of their futures with a clarity that I have envied for my own. I do get messages for myself but my own internal bias often gets in the way and I can't see for myself with the same type of assuredness. Intuitive messages seem to over ride a lot of that and put me in the space the spirits often put my clients in. Since that last big intuitive hit I have been receiving more. I know that some changes are coming for me and I am listening to what I am being told. In the same way that I knew it was time to move I know that more change is on the way for me. I know that my business is shifting energies, I am feeling guided to get more in tune with my physical body and my relationship to my creativity is about to go through an evolution. Some of the messages I am getting for myself are gentle whispers, others are kicks to the shin, either way, making room to listen has put me firmly back into a space where I want to be and I didn't realise I had drifted so far from. I can't remember who said it but the quote goes, “Your head shouts, your heart whispers.”. So silence, in any shape or form has become something I am hungry for right now. I will follow where I am called and right now there is a call to stillness. How about you?



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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