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Get creative.


As you all know by now I don't just do readings. I also write, paint, journal and make music. Creativity and spirituality for me are bedfellows. I like to begin and end my day on something creative to keep my mind open and ready to think through any situation that might arise. Creativity is meditation for me. It's mindfulness. It's an open door to a better feeling place. For years I was told that I had to pick one thing and just like it or lump it. It began in school where you had to choose between art, music and drama. You were not allowed to do all three. When I moved schools there was no humanities programs there are all so anything creative was off the table. But that idea of singularly picking out one thing to do followed me through college and University. The idea that I had to choose just one thing to focus on in order for it to become something is an idea that has taken me years to dismantle. Each time I chose something I would always feel like I was cutting off an arm or something. It was as if mentally there was no room in my life to do all of them let alone psychic work on top of that. I was also pulled into the idea that if it's not earning you money then it's not valid. I fully believed that REAL artists earn from their work. I couldn't have been more wrong.



Art is mandatory for my well being and I suspect yours too. Human beings by nature make things more beautiful than they need to be. When people tell me that they are not creative I never quite believe it. If there's carpet in your home, pictures on the walls, trinkets that help you create a feeling of connection then that is creativity. For so many people their home is their canvas and I love that, I just don't think that it has to stop there. Now I'm not saying you should all run to art school but that's O.K. If you want to, but why not take up a creative hobby? Why not paint, draw, jounral, write stories, pick up an instrument? No one has to see what you are doing. No one has to judge what you are creating. It is a completely internal journey that you are entitled to take. When I tell people to make art the first thing they come up against is an ingrained shame. The idea that because they might not be technically skilled at the very beginning or if they have deemed themselves untalented that they somehow don't have the right to even play. YOU have the right to give it a go. You have the right to sit there with whatever you enjoy creating and do it for no other reason than it brings you pleasure.



The only creative problem I ever come up against is time management. I want to be able to fit everything in all at once! I draw every single day, I play piano every single day, I write every single day. If I don't do it for a few days I start to feel really off. It's like the world loses it's flavour a little bit. Yes I am self employed so I get more agency with my time management and I'm not saying you have to do what I do but I would like to kindly invite you to the space where you feel you have the right to find out what art makes you tick. I've met so many artists from skilled bakers to incredible milliners. It's all up for a try so why not give it a go. Start small. Take a sketchbook on the train to work, doodle in your lunch hour, find a class locally and go once a week. You will feel better once you're involved in the creative process. It will elevate you to a better feeling place and as a wonderful side effect it will make you more intuitively open and sesitive to shifts in energy. Give it a go!



Thank you for listening,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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