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Feel like you're chasing your own tail?


There is this mythical creature that all of us in the self help world have heard of. She sniffs around the corners of everyones life. Like a unicorn or a mermaid she is spoken of but never really seen. Her name is...balance. Like, really. Balance in the way it is currently presented to us is nothing other than a maniacal attack on time management. Pizza slicing your life in a way that it is supposed to be easily digestable is one way to go about creating the image of balance but life has always and will always get in the way. Balance for me is more about following my gut. If I were to really fit in everything I want to do every day then my day would need to be 3 weeks long. Readings, music, art, writing, poetry, walking the dog, fitness, dates with my fiance, self care, family time, friendships, there's just no way you can fit all of that into a day. Balance as it is sometimes displayed would have you believe otherwise. We are seeking an image of success, an image of happiness and most of the time we don't understand that we already have all of those things. But the ever enticing keys to unlock a happy and successful life is always portrayed as someone who has found balance.



So what is balance for you? Have you found yourself searching for something that is just not attainable? I have to remind myself fairly regularly that the only real balance that needs to be achieved is between listening to my gut and acting upon it. Still, in the moments in between that I always find myself adding way too much to my daily list as a means to touch base with everything that I am interested in. To be honest most days I actually do manage to achieve it but the test for me in knowing whether I am chasing my tail or being productive is in the mood I feel when I don't get to tick things off my list. If I feel frustration or irritation towards myself then I know that I am trying to work towards an external image of balance, if I feel blaze about the whole thing then I know it just wasn't the day for it and that's ok. Now I've said to you all before I always like to put a few extra things on my daily to do list because it generally inspires me to get more done but it's when that list feels burdensome I know I have side stepped into the energy of my ego. It's good to acknowledge and create little tests for yourself sometimes to see where you are in relationship to your own energy.



When it comes to the topic of trying to find balance within your own life I suggest for the most part you just light a match to it and let the whole idea go. Balance will mean different things at different points in your life. For instance when there is a new baby in your life balance means literally doing what is necessary to provide this new life with what it needs. The whole work/life balance idea has a whole different set of ideals but really, at the end of the day when you check in with yourself, if you feel connected, grounded and self loving then that is the balance you are seeking. Are you happy with your day? Are you loving yourself? Are you following guidance from the Universe? These are the sorts of questions that bring you to the nucleus of balance. Invest a little time in that today and see where it takes you!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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