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Ever been a victim of a rumour?


Rumours are the play things of childish minds too afraid to face their own reflection. Like so many of you I have over the years been the focus of and the perpetuator of gossip. When I was young I was acclimated to talking about others. In my mind I genuinely thought it was because I cared about people so much that I wanted to find a solution to their problems for them. I even think I believed that deeply at one point but, the Universe is designed in such a way that your energy goes where your mind flows so all of me, was sent out into the world to “support” others. When your life and conversation is always about talking about other people you give parts of yourself away to them that you have barely had time to enjoy. You enter into a negative energy contract and as good as your intentions are your actions can pave way to a dark space. Have you ever given someone advice and then been enraged when they ignored it? That's the kind of negative energy space I'm talking about. That's how to tell you are not in a space of concern but in a space of shared energy and with that an entitled sense of ownership. Another very dark thing that happens when we spend our time talking about others is that we create an avatar of who they are and then hold them hostage to it. We literally invent a person in our minds and imprint it on the people around us. Of course gossip isn't the only road that takes us to that place but it's a perfect example of how rumours, even ones inside your own mind are nothing other than stories that reflect who you are.



Have you ever been at the end of a relationship and felt like your partner has ripped a mask off and a completely different person has taken over their body? Me too. Have you ever had a friend say something so hideous that it's made your head spin? Yup. Have you also met up with someone you've heard horrible things about and found them to be the complete opposite? Definitely. I always try my best to follow my own gut when it comes to meeting people but I have to admit that in the past if I heard a bad thing about someone I did always let it taint my interaction with them. I placed my loyalty with my friends instead of my own sense of values and I allowed the projected stories of others taint how I interacted with them. I also have had to varying degrees this happen to me. I have been called mentally ill, a nasty witch, a con artist, amongst many other things and I have become adept at spotting people who have invented a story about who they think I am when meeting me. It's always interesting to see what happens when someone's beliefs are challenged. Some will hang onto what they think they know for grim life whilst others with burn what they think to the ground and rise again renewed.



What stories have you told yourself about the people around you? Who have you written off as mean? Who have you put on a pedestal? As the Universe dictates you will get back what you put out there. It's weird how often people can and do live up to the story you have told yourself about who they are. So, with that in mind, why not tell a different story? Why not see the authentic, autonomous and wonderfully beautiful people that are under the surface of some of those in your life. You may be lucky enough to already see the beauty in the hearts of those around you and if you are, well done! You see reflections of who you are, you see levels of your ability to connect, to forgive, to love and to empathise displayed in perfect synchronicity around you. When people are telling stories about you, they are only really sharing what they believe about themselves. These days I don't sit in circles and discuss people that aren't there. To be honest, the older I've gotten the less interesting other people's chaos has become. I like a quiet life. I talk towards and with love as often as I can. I share only what feels good and my friendships these days are based in two human beings just enjoying each other. Challenge what you think of others and why you think it. It may say more about you than who you think they are.




Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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