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Do you really self care?


Wednesdays are always a slow day for me. I do one evening a week which is a Tuesday for my cleints that work 9 to 5's which leaves me for most of wednesday day in a tired head space. Although to be honest my brain is tired but my body still needs to move so sitting and twiddling my thumbs is not really on the cards. I spend the whole morning healing, re balancing and getting my headspace back to where I can function properly. Art helps, coffee with friends helps and a good cuddle with the dog helps too. It's all the good self soothing tasks and if I invest in them properly then by early afternoon I'm clear again and get back to working. I understand that running my own business gives me a little more room to self care during times of stress and fatigue but what worries me is that I read so many clients who don't do any of this AT ALL! When there is no self care, even as a way to offset some unavoidable stress then you leave your entire energy system vulnerable. When you don't look after yourself, at the very least learning to understand the rhytms of your body you will not just become physically sick but you will leave yourself open to energy vampires left right and centre.



I know I've written a tonne of blogs on this already but it's only wednesday and I've had the conversation twice already this week, self care is MANDATORY not a luxury. The quicker you learn to look after yourself the quicker you will recover. I used to try and just plough through those parts of my week that left me fatigued and all that happened was that I got worse or, if I did manage to get through the work I had given myself I was so out of my mind by the time Stu got home from work that I wasn't enjoying my time with him. As you all know I work to serve the love within my life which includes the love of my life ( excuse the soppyness ) so that comes first. If you want to give the most loving version of yourself to your partner, your children, your family, your friends you must first discover what that is, how to make room for it and also learn to give that love to yourself first. I know it's not as easy as someone saying “When you're tired just rest!” because sometimes you have 3 screaming kids running around or your boss has decided you are a superhero and can do 4 people's jobs and even though you can find a meditative quality within that kind of chaos you need to, for your own sanity, find a way to carve out an hour at least for recovery.



I should point out as well that this is not how you deal with things when your life is becoming toxic. That is a whole other energy. If your job is energetically killing you then you need to make some real tough decisions about self preservation. The same with the lifestyle of your family. If it's wearing you to the point of break then an immediate shift needs to happen. There is a very thin line between self care and self preservation and I suppose in essence they are just two different ways of looking at the same thing except one is more gentle and the other needs an alpha type energy. Most of us are not in those spaces and self care is away not letting it get to the point of toxicity. So look at what you do to give yourself peace. How much time a day is spend unwinding properly? Looking at your phone doesnt' count! Think a little today about what you do to unwind and go from there. Try and work it into your routine! If you have any tips, let me know or share them below!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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