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Dealing with fear.


The bed is made and I crawl down to the shower to wake up to the day. Soon after that I have my coffee, my trough of vitamins and a juice to sit with Stu for the 15 minutes we normally have before he goes off to work. We joking say “let's have our morning dose of propaganda!” as we switch the BBC on to see what's happening in the world and the sifting begins. It's tough to be able to find the actual news in amongst what is being said but without question nearly every segment is fear based and rooted in shock value. Shock value is just lazy marketing. Instead of seeking truth, finding inspiration and using love as a means to create community near enough everywhere you look each platform seems to be using fear to force us to tap into a primal instinct to gather in numbers during times of stress. It's written into us and it works most of the time. This is the root of mob mentality. People aren't gathering to discuss and create a better way in the world, they are gathering to identify the threat and annihilate it. You can really see this playing out everywhere from social media to business campaigns. In fact marketing 101 states that you “find a problem and solve it!”. Also if you can't find a problem you invent one.



Fear is quick in it's energy. It's designed to be. It's whole meter is to keep us alive, but like the adrenaline it inspires it doesn't last as long. In order to keep you in a cycle of fear the perceived threat has to get bigger, more menacing and it has to come at you from all angles. Fear causes a complete retraction of energy from the frontal lobe, our reasoning centers, and keeps us in flight or flight. The reason we see so many people acting so instrinsically selfish in our culture is because they are stuck in this fear based mindset. I'm not saying the fear isn't real but we have to move beyond it in order to heal. Love takes time. It's harder to build something in this world in a principled, dignified way BUT unfortunately we haven't left ourselves much room to check out from that. Love is now something that needs to be organised and propagated in the world in whatever you do. I advocate that everyone looking to make their lives and the lives around them better ask themselves regularly, “How can I show more love?”. That's not always about doing more but it is always about being more present. Taking time to look someone in the eyes when you talk, not being glued to your phone, going the extra mile to show a work mate that you care. Love takes time.



At some point the fear in the air becomes too much for anyone remotely spiritually aware and it's totally O.K to check out for a little while. I have been known to vegitate in front of Netflix for a few hours, or sometimes a few weeks when the world feels overwhelming. It's not a bad thing to do that, now building a whole lifestyle out of that turns it from self care and self soothing into a fear based lifestyle of it's own. Fear is not negative, if left to do the job it is supposed to do then it does it extremely well. What's happened is that fear has become politicized, marketed and our entire culture is becoming acclimated to it in a way I have never seen before. It's death by a thousand cuts. So as soon as you've read this today, take it as a call to arms. Stay informed about the world by all means but look at every fear based entity you encounter as an invitation to love. Don't react. Take your time. Think from the space of your heart about what you can do to act lovingly and compassionately and then go do it!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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