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Breaking up with my own sadness.


Hello loves,



As we swing into another mercury retrograde it seems like the perfect time for us to have a little chat about pain bodies. I spoke about them a little while ago in my mailing list and I talked about how, through prayer, I was able to release a pain body. Since then I've watched my energy rise to a different level. Now a pain body is kind of like a collective of all spiritual and emotional aches and pains that through time have actually started to work within you as almost a seperate persona. It's when a “mood” is more than a mood. It's when an attitude rules you instead of vice versa. Sometimes they are formed by deep trauma and sometimes they are inherited. In the same way that beliefs are mimicked by children, they can also create their own version of your pain bodies as they grow. Think of it as it's own energetic set point. Like it's own magnet working within you, manifesting everything on it's level. For instance, I had a very traumatic break up many years ago and within it, it carried the building blocks of some wonderful transformations. Instead the trauma of that pain “locked” itself within my energy. It stayed with me for years. It was like walking around whilst still carrying the energy imprint of who I was when it the trauma happened.



Have you ever caught yourself thinking in a way that you used to years ago? Have you ever been drawn to a fashion or a music that you have long grown out of? Does your body feel heavy? Does your mind feel clouded? Do you always feel like you can't quite shift a piece of your past? Does it feel like no matter where you go or what you do something in your experience is always connected to your past? I actually ended up dating ( for a very short while ) the ex fiance of the person I broke up with. That's how effective one of my pain bodies was at manifesting. Even though I had learned so many lessons and was beginning to move beyond the pain of the trauma of the break up the energy body of who I was from that time was alive and kicking. My friends at the time would even joke about it, that as soon as I got happy something would show up to remind me I was broken up with many years ago. Noticing it was the first step. Finding humour in it was the second but for me, the day I learned how to surrender it was freeing.



There is a certain glamour in pain. An entitlement that comes from unexpressed rage. Letting go of a pain body means no longer allowing yourself to feel sorry for yourself. The victim mindset was comfortable to me at the time and letting it go was unnerving. Happy, blissful but also like losing a part of you that had been there for a long time. It was in it's own way it's own break up. I had to break up with my own sadness. A system of energy work, prayer and ritual helped me the first time. I lit candles, I moved my own energy around and I surrendered myself to my guides and my angels and I watched as they took the pain body literally out of my energy system. It was a bizarre experience but one that I wish I had done sooner. You don't need to be a psychic to free yourself of a pain body. The only difference between me and someone who doesn't have my sensitivity is that I witnessed what was happening as it was happening. A personalised ritual, an awareness of what you want to happen and a willingness to surrender to the process is all you need to free yourself. Pray, ask and then surrender and see what moves through you.



I hope that helped and I am of course open to more questions. If this retrograde keeps bringing up a familiar theme pray on some of the things I have spoken about. It may just be an old belief, a lingering thought, an unhealed trauma or it could be a pain body, a collection of many of these acting like it's own energy system within yours.



Big Love,


Ryan James x


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