Psychic Swansea


Are you taking the time to remember?


The incense smoke rolls over the room and I sink into a different head space. The flickering light of a candle cast fluid shadows over the walls and I put a piece of paper and a pen on my lap. I love to doodle when I connect with the Universe. Sometimes I think I tap into the space of automatic writing, mainly because sometimes I end up with messages written on there for me and sometimes I think I am just keeping my brain busy whilst my spirit takes over. Either way I'm not too focused on the process. All I care about is that I end up in the emotional and spiritual space I intend to go to. It's like I see into the world. It's easy to get distracted by the physical beauty of the world but once you see the magnificence just underneath the surface you will be hungry for that light your entire life. Life is sacred. All life, in all spaces and at all times. I feel that with all my heart and there are no exceptions. The whole world we experience is an alter. A sacred place to remind us that we are part of something bigger, that we ARE something bigger. I cannot spend time by the sea or walking through the trees without viscerally connecting with this truth. I am more than the boundary of my skin. I am a dream in the mind of the divine. But I also need to pay my bills, walk the dog, see to my family, clean that crappy bit down the side of the cooker, figure out what Oscar stained the carpet with and pray it isn't poop. As majestic as we are you are totally legitimate in not feeling that way all the time.



This is why we need reminders. For me it's incense, candles and some tarot cards. Sometimes I set up an alter and do some chanting, sometimes I meditate and draw, sometimes I fold origami birds and focus on being present. When I am invested in these activities something about the very energy of the space I am in shifts. I am aware of the flow of the world and sink into the blurry line between who we think we are and everything else. It's all so fragile, not just life, reality. It really is just a blink of an eye. When I feel like my problems are becoming too much to handle I try my best to find this place. This is why I have a practice and why I think it's O.K to have a sacred space in your home. You may not have room for one, but choosing to name a place as sacred, even for a short time can help you shift into the idea that you are part of something brighter than you are experiencing right now. We all need reminders. I am lucky that I need to have that space daily in order for me to do my job. I need to connect with the energy of the world in order to do what I do, my reminder is really to remember to do that for myself.



Every day find a moment or two to reach into the beautiful space of your spirit and connect with it. Put reminders anywhere that you will see them. Paintings, poems, alters, candles, incense, books, litter your life with beautiful bookmarks to nudge you into the delicious space of love. We need reminders now more than we have done for a while. Our planet, our political situation, the energies of the past clinging on for dear life, we must be vigilant in staying in the space of light. You may have noticed how many more people are feeling lost these days which makes it all the more important to stick to the love you have within you. It's not only showing you the way to go in your own life, it's also subtly guiding others around you. You may not take them all the way but you may just be the catalyst, the glimmer of hope, the fraction of love they allow in to put them on course. What is the trajectory of your life? What is the trajectory of the love that you carry within you? You may know clearly, you may never know or meet all the lives that you touch but you have touched them, stay loving regardless.




Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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