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A conversation with passion.


I've spoken many times about passion. For me it used to be a guiding principle in my life. I was definitely one of those people that woke up with a surge of energy and I fueled it into my life. I had absolute certainty that my passion was what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life. I also had certainty that my passion had meaning behind it. I built not just a story about who I was around it but I guided my whole life around it. I thought that if God gave me a passion then it must mean something and that something must be that I was going to be terribly successful at it. Then of course I learned my lesson. I woke up one morning and my passion, my desire, the burning flame within my heart had gone out. It sent me into a tail spin because when I say I had organised my life around passion I truly meant it. EVERYTHING I was invested in was geared around it. Now on the surface and culturally speaking that sounds like a good thing and everyone around me applauded me for pursuing what I believed to be my calling. Of course when it all fell apart around me I tried desperately anything I could to reignite it but it just wasn't happening. Eventually I had to sit myself down with a skip filled with tea and figure out the lesson.



Passion is not meant to be followed which is not to say that it can't be or shouldn't be acknowledged. It is designed to play a part in the huge tapestry of your experience but it is not the be all and end all. Now that I am out the other side of the lesson I see that passion is more like a flower. It grows, blooms, dies and returns to the earth to be reborn into something new. Passion has seasons and the danger of organising your life around it is that when it does recede into the earth once more you will be left with a lot of empty space. I do acknowledge my passion these days but the only thing I organise my life around is my intuition. That's the only thing I follow. I see passion now more as an invitation to play. I dive in and give it a go but never at the expense of myself, my life or those around me. I know that for my own mental well being I need to be spiritually and creatively engaged so I make room for inspiration and passion on a daily basis but my life is not organised around them, it is organised around being open to receive them.



The idea culturally is that we should go out there and “find” our passions but I know that through my own studies that we already have everything that we need. We are born with it all right inside of us. So what's the point in looking for something that you already have? Just sit back and listen to see what passion or creativity has to say to you. What is your relationship with it like? For me it used to be an obsessive, fundamentalist, self destructive one in which I ultimately ended up uprooting myself from the essence of who I am. Now my relationship with passion is more like a delicate dance. A rigadoon if anything. I am respectful of it and there are boundaries in place in my life if it is to show up. Thankfully it does more often than not but the times when it returns to earth and renews now, even though it can still feel a little jarring it no longer decimates my life. There are so many things going on around me that I see it now as I think I was always meant to. A part of what I experience instead of a burning flame.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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